What is the Yamaha Education Suite Y.E.S.5 (YES5)

Yamaha Education Suite 5 (Y.E.S. 5)
The Yamaha Education Suite—a set of learning tools that utilize the latest technology to make studying and practicing music on Yamaha Electronic Keyboards more fun and fulfilling than ever before!

The Yamaha Education Suite includes:

1. Lesson
The convenient and easy-to-use Lesson feature, guides you through the parts of a song—just like a patient teacher! Select from any one of many songs , and learn the left- and right hand parts independently at first, then together. Lesson features three easy steps that help you master each song: Listen and Learn, Timing and Waiting.
Lesson 1 (Listen & Learn) ....... Listen and learn the melody or rhythm of a selected Song.
Lesson 2 (Timing) .........Learn to play the notes at the correct timing along with the Song.
Lesson 3 (Waiting) .................... Learn to play the correct notes.

2. Built-in lighted Key Guide
When you are using the Lesson feature or the Dictionary, the key indicators tell you which keys
to play. Also, during song playback, they show the keys that are playing. When Light Guide is on, each key (of the notes in the Song) lights in succession showing you which keys to play and when.

3. Fingering Guide
The Fingering guide is shown on the display and shows you how to play the keyboard. When the Song is started, the fingering guide appears on the display and shows you which fingers you should use while playing.

4. Dictionary
Dictionary is a built-in “chord encyclopedia” that teaches you how to play specific chords by
showing lighting keyboards—perfect for when you know the name of a chord and want to quickly learn how to play it! The Dictionary function is essentially a built-in “chord dictionary” that shows you the individual notes of chords. It is ideal when you know the name of a certain chord and want to quickly learn how to play it.

5. Notice your Grade
The keyboards also has the Grade feature. Grade is a virtual “teacher,” evaluating your practice sessions and rating your performance over four levels. When the lesson Song has played all the way through in Lesson 2 or 3, your performance will be evaluated in four levels: OK, Good, Very Good, or Excellent.

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